Entertaining Guide 2023: 44 Products to Build a Stylish Holiday Tablescape

From today’s most elegant dinnerware to the latest must-have linens, these fab finds are sure to elevate any dinner party
A Wisconsin table set with mushroom plates by Alberto Pinto on a vintage French linen tablecloth.
A Wisconsin table set with mushroom plates by Alberto Pinto on a vintage French linen tablecloth.Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna

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With the holidays soon upon us, all eyes are on the table.

Perfect Pairings

Blue-and-white treasures and classical Scandinavian touches make for a dashing duo; shown is a Connecticut home by Virginia Tupker.

Interior: Isabel Parra. Stella Glass: Enrico Fiorese.

Stella Glass

French Vintage Silver Flatware

Cocktail Napkins

Delft #6 Plate

Babylone Napkin Ring

Rose D'Hiver Glass

Hand Painted Candles

Royal Delft Tulip Vase

Periwinkle Table Set

Earth Studies

Ceramic finds, rustic charms, and organic hues celebrate the beauty of mother nature. Shown is a California cabin by Salmon Creek Studio.


Metiers Chair

Branch Stitch Napkins

Dinnerware Collection

Speckle Glass

Onyx Glaciale Clover Candleholders

Suitcase Placemats

Floral Trail Twist Candles

Splatter Fruit Bowl

Bellocchi Terra Cotta Casserole

Slipware Large Jug

Beechwood Salad Stand

Objets Nomades Flower Carafe

The Life Aquatic

Iberian élan and deep splashes of blue and green conjure magic hour by the water. Shown is the Portugal home of Carolina Irving.

Exterior: Miguel Flores-Vianna.

Taper Candleholder

Gold-Plated Bamboo Silverware Set

Ceramic Sardines

Gigi Green Dinner Plate

Macchia Su Macchia Ivory & Green Tumblers

Emerald & Turquoise White Wine Glasses

Skipper Jug

Artichoke Cachepot

Block-Printed Double-Face Napkins

Olive Oil Bottle

Moroccan Placemat

No Shrinking Violets

Indoors or out, purple wonders pack a punch. Shown is the Montecito home of fashion stylist Jamie Mizrahi.

Interior: Billal Taright.

Aboli Dinner Napkins

Scalloped Cocktail Linen Napkins

Masonite Placemat

Perfetto Wine Glass

Hexagonal Raffia Basket

Icône Lilac Serving Set

Amor Avec Anse Vase

Blue Vase with Flowers Platter

Zuma Cake Stand

Mauve Dinner Candles