The Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 Palette Is Here—Color of the Year Included

These are the colors that will rule interiors in 2024, according to Benjamin Moore
builtin desk for the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 Palette
The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024 is Blue Nova (825).Image courtesy Benjamin Moore

Deciding on the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024 palette was a journey—literally. The team zeroed in on creating “color memories” of their travels to balance the routine of home with new experiences. From the coastal hues of Mediterranean escapes to sun-drenched pigments from South American jaunts, the palettes painting their mood board was rife with bright, upbeat colorways.

Their findings correlated with interiors too. “We are still seeing designers being brave with color,” says Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore's color marketing and development director. As though a souvenir from far-off travels, “people are looking to bring color into their home, and we want to continue that thread.”

When it came to honing in on one definitive color, Benjamin Moore selected Blue Nova (825) as its Color of the Year 2024. “The midtone blue with a nice amount of red in the undertone, giving it that violet cast,” says Magno. “The warm notes in this cool color is what gives it depth and makes it inviting.”

Blue Nova—a celestial “new star,” as Magno calls it—is rooted in nature’s blue hour, the time of day just after sunset when the sky takes on a deep blue, almost purplish haze just above the fiery topaz of the remaining sun’s rays. “It’s a captivating, otherworldly color that is kind of magical and can elevate the everyday,” she says.

As a cool color with warm undertones, Blue Nova can ground pigment-rich colorways.

Image courtesy Benjamin Moore

On the heels of 2023’s color selection—Raspberry Blush, a vivid coral pink—Blue Nova continues to embrace a confidence that can either drench an entire room or work as an accent. It’s an approachable, almost trustworthy hue that can be applied to a kitchen island, cabinetry, or even the front door. “There is a lot you can do with it,” Magno says. “I love the idea of using it in a matte finish to have this velvety feel and really appreciate the depth of it.” She also recommends a semi-gloss or satin for adding softness to a bedroom or dining room.

To complement the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year, the brand unveiled a complementary palette that puts the 2024 paint color on a pedestal.

The Color Palette of 2024, According to Benjamin Moore

Inspired by the notion of opposites attract, Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2024 palette is a balance of sumptuous tones and delicate pastels. “Light and dark, warm and cool, all come together in an unexpected, but compelling way,” Magno says. By looking at their color library, Benjamin Moore extracted paint colors that bring out the contrast in a sophisticated and beautiful way.

Pairing the “tried-and-true” White Dove (OC-17) with Regent Green (2136-20) is a play on black-and-white–the saturated jewel-colored hue can engulf the room or work as a dramatic trim accent. For hallways, the sage-leaning Antique Pewter (1560) is especially suited to complement the creamy Pristine (OC-75), which grounds the mossy hue.

The combo of Blue Nova (825) and Topaz (070), a terra-cotta orange, hints at neutrals in a way that is bold, rich, and engaging. Teacup Rose (2170-50) and Polar Sky (1674), is a delicate take on the blue and orange relationship in pastels. One look at Hazy Lilac (2116-40) and Honeybee (CSP- 950) evokes a warm moment suited for bedrooms or a whimsical mudroom.

Whether it's on travel escapes or everyday moments, says Magno, “we want people to look for color moments and color pairs and dive into experiences that juxtapose duality.”