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NABCEP PV Seal Clear Back GroundIt is our promise that we will always treat our customers with the highest level of professionalism.  Our sales people will never engage in high press or deceptive sales techniques.  Our installation staff will act professional and dress appropriately.  While installing your system we will always seek your approval to the installation of your solar panels. Our products and methods will always be the best that possible.   We will always consider long term installation and verify that our materials will stand the test of time.


Rochester Solar and Wind of Western New York specializes in solar panel installation throughout the Western New York area including Buffalo. Rochester Solar and Wind was one of the first renewable energy companies to install solar panels in Western New York.

In the spring of 2003, we started our business as solar and wind internet sales.  This allowed us to focus on product knowledge. Knowing our products in and out gives us the ability to know what quality products to utilize.  We studied the renewable energy industry and learned who has the best warranty and the most rigorous manufacturing standards.

As our business grew it expanded into the installations of small solar applications like powering pools, ponds, and remote locations.   The next logical steps was to start installing on grid tied solar panel systems.

Over the years we have installed solar panel systems throughout Rochester and Western New York as well around New York State from Kingston, NY to Buffalo NY.  Our systems include residential, commercial and municipal solar systems of all sizes.

Over the last few years the solar industry in Rochester and around Western New York has become cluttered with heating and cooling companies trying to install solar as side line to their main business.

As New York became a strong state for solar installations , the big California Corporate parasites moved to Western New York looking to make a fast buck with leasing scams, low quality materials and poor workmanship.  All the while only here until the money runs out. We on the other hand pride ourselves on living local.

We have a vested interest in making sure that Rochester continues to thrive.  We buy local and sell local. Many of these national companies have solar companies try to sell you the dream of leasing a system and then after the install are now where to be found. We at Rochester Solar and Wind have better programs that will save you money you will never ever have to “RE-LEASE your system.”

We are professional trained and certified solar installers and electricians with years to design and installation experience.

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Zero, Down Ownership plans, No Payments and No Interest for up to 18 months.

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