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I Tried It: The Endlessly Configurable Petlibro Infinity Cat Tree

The modular marvel will keep your felines entertained and look good in your home
Petlibro cat tree in living room
Courtesy of Petlibro

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For better or worse, I am a person who thinks about the well-being of my cats roughly 90% of my waking hours. Beyond the basics of food, water, and litter, my mind swirls with thoughts about their emotional states and comfort levels. Are they getting enough attention? Are they having fun? Are they cozy? This affinity for my animals has undoubtedly led to the regular accumulation of new toys and contraptions in my home. And the intersection of my desire for feline fun and a love of good design is a rare but noteworthy occurrence.

Infinity Cat Tree

When Petlibro, a brand offering a variety of smart pet supplies, launched the Infinity Cat Tree in July, I knew I needed to bring it home and put it to the (cat) test. With endless configurations of sleek platforms and jute scratching posts, this modular marvel isn’t just a great piece for keeping your pets happy, it also truly looks nice. You no longer need to settle for a carpet-covered monstrosity! Even better, the cat tree is adaptable to whatever space you actually have, so even though your cats do rule your home, it doesn’t necessarily look like they do.


  • Loft: 2 levels; Villa: 3 levels; Castle: 4 levels
  • Maximum height: Loft: 29.1 inches; Villa: 40.9 inches; Castle: 58.7 inches
  • Single-layer platform load capacity: 33 pounds

Accessories (vary depending on model)

  • Sponge-filled felt cat bed
  • Plush toy
  • Catnip-filled felt cat toy
  • Hemp rope scratching board
  • Corrugated cardboard scratching board
  • Natural jute rope scratching post
  • Bell ball toy


  • Modular design adaptable to a variety of spaces
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to change layout
  • Easy to move (one to two people can carry the assembled cat tree)
  • Interactive elements for cat entertainment
  • Well constructed


  • Cat bed not suitable for extra large cats (company specifically does not recommend for Maine coons and servals)
  • Lots of plastic
  • Cardboard debris from scratching pad
  • Higher price point compared to similar-size cat towers
  • Accessories are not replaceable but will be launched for DIY use soon

First impressions

The Infinity Cat Tree comes in three different models, the Castle being the largest, the Villa in the middle, and the Loft the smallest. Each iteration can be purchased separately or in sets since all the parts and pieces are interchangeable. I received all three models, though I primarily tested the Castle and swapped in a few pieces from the other models for assembly.

The instructions for the cat tree were very simple and easy to follow. I’d even say that once you start putting the various pieces together—the scratching posts screw in, the platforms click in—it instantly becomes very intuitive. Petlibro describes the product as the “Lego of cat trees,” and it really does feel like a similar building process. I put the full Castle together in 30 minutes or so, and over the next few hours and days found myself rearranging different toys and levels depending on how my cats were interacting with the new structure.

I used one of the images from Petlibro’s site as my design inspiration, a square base and four levels, taller on one side. I made slight adjustments, like putting the cat bed on a middle level and a scratching pad on a different level, with my own architectural inspirations.

My experience

To truly understand how the cat-tower testing went, one should know what the testers are like. Bobby, a one-and-a-half-year-old black cat, is very playful and loves scratching, climbing, and cozy nooks. Ollie, an eight-year-old tabby, enjoys brief spurts of playing, lots of sleeping, and catnip. I assumed that Bobby would be instantly excited about his new play tower—as he often gets amped about a new toy, but it took a day or two for him to find any interest. I tried very hard not to force the fun, though that didn’t stop me from exclaiming “I got this for you, Bobby!” on a regular basis. In a real shock, Ollie played with the little bell-filled ball dangling from one of the levels quite quickly.

Choose your own adventure, cat edition. Ollie (left) and Bobby seem to find ways to enjoy every level of the cat tower.

I wondered if my cat tree placement was affecting the interest of the cats, but after a day or two, both cats began interacting with the structure. There was more and more scratching. There was running and jumping on the different levels. I added treats to different areas and the fun was amplified. When I realized that no one wanted to go on the tallest level, where I’d initially placed the cat bed, I moved it down a floor and now Bobby spends all his naps there.

The ease of moving any of the parts and pieces really makes the Petlibro Cat Tree feel like a piece of pet furniture that will last a long time. I’m sure I’ll move it around my house, like I do all my other human furniture, and I’ll be able to change up the toys and levels if I notice any interest waning with my cats.

The verdict

With just a month of testing, it’s clear that my cats love this Petlibro cat tree. They play together on it, and they have their own favorite elements. If I ever want to change things up, I can do it in a matter of minutes. Not only is it easy to clean, whether that’s wiping a dirty felt pad with a damp cloth or vacuuming a level, but the quality of the tower feels like it’ll last for years. (The product does have a 12-month warranty period.)

Though you are stuck with only a few color options, the light green, navy, and tan elements are quite sleek and unobtrusive. I’m not embarrassed to showcase the cat tree in my home. I’m even excited to try out different layouts, unleashing my inner architect and tapping into my childhood joy of playing with Legos. The Infinity Cat Tree is an investment, but a very good one for both city and country cats. Petlibro regularly has sales and promo codes, so if you have any inclination to make your cat’s dreams come true, follow them.

Infinity Cat Tree