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Environment Benefits of Solar Energy in Rochester and Western New York



When it comes to fighting global warming, one of the most important decisions you can make is to convert to solar energy.  Electric companies produce an estimated 70 percent of their electricity from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.  This has both economic and environmental impact.  The excess carbon put into the atmosphere contributes to climate change and the resources to make electricity pushes up the cost of heating your home.

It is estimated that electricity generation causes up to a third of all atmospheric CO2, one of the leading causes of global warming.  When you switch to solar power you reducing the electricity consumption and the amount of green house gases spewed into the air.  Your decisions can make the world better for you and your family by making the air and water cleaner.

Take a look at just how much impact you can make in improving Central New York by switching to solar power? Your switch today can lead to almost 50 years of financial and environmental prosperity.  Many of the first solar panels manufactured are still functioning.  A decision today to pay yourself by switching to solar power is a decision that will help your grandchildren.

The display to the right shows how powering your whole house with a  solar system from Rochester Solar and Wind can save the environment.

For more information on the environmental saving of solar go to the EPA:


Installing a 10,000 Watt solar system save 15,555 lbs of Carbon from the atmosphere.

15,555lb Carbon from the Atmosphere
2.6 Tons of waste in a land fill
791 Gallons of gasoline
16.4 Barrels of Oil
294 Cylinders of Propane

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As a Solarize Rochester Contractor, Rochester Solar and Wind are professional installers of solar panels, servicing all of Western New York. We are NABCEP certified and NYSERDA approved solar panel installers since 2003.

We guarantee the best pricing, professional installation, and an aesthetically pleasing solar system that will last for decades.

Rochester Solar and Wind offers great financing plans for installing solar panels on your home or business including plans for customers that do not have a large down payment. We can use your NYSERDA Grant for your down payment and spread out the payments for up to 20 years. Rochester Solar and Wind completes solar installations all over the state. We have installed systems in Rochester, Greece, Spencerport, Henrietta, Brighton, Pittsford, Fairport, Irondequiot, Webster, Victor, Rochester, and Buffalo NY.