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23 Cat Furniture Pieces for a Modern Home

Being a cat person has never looked better
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Cathy Schusler

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Every cat person knows this one thing to be true: Nothing ruins the vibe like a bulky and beige piece of cat furniture strategically placed out of sight in the corner of a room. But thanks to design lovers, the products in this category have finally been upgraded to seamlessly fit in with the modern aesthetics of your most meticulously curated interiors—and we’re extremely here for it.

To save you some search time, we compiled a list of the most fabulous cat furniture that will make you and your guests purr with as much delight as your furry friends. From chic rattan options to modern minimalist choices, these scratchers, beds, towers, and trees are sure to entice humans and felines alike. Bid adieu to the bland furnishings from one of your cat’s previous nine lives and opt for these sleek and stylish alternatives instead!

Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher

This faux rattan cat scratching post does double duty as a long-lasting scratcher for your kitties and a sculpture-esque piece of decor for your home. Rattan usually looks quite rustic, but this scratcher’s eye-catching shape gives it an elevated look.

Zip Scratching Post

With its sleek and ultra-minimalist design, this attractive cat scratcher post will easily blend in with other furnishings in your space. Covered with tight-woven sisal carpeting, it provides a satisfying scratch for your cats without shedding like traditional rope-wrapped scratcher posts.

Bohemia Styled Cat Hammock

If your home is a bohemian paradise, this macrame cat hammock was made for you and your feline friends.

Cat Shelf

Fully commit to the cat-lover life with this large and chic wall-mounted cat shelf. With two shelf and cushion colorways to choose from to fit your aesthetic, this cat perch is perfect for large cats as well as smaller cats who like to cuddle.

Maximalists and color lovers: This multi-tone and ’90s-looking cat tree is what your dreams are made of. Comprised of various colors and textures of carpet in a patchwork pattern, your cat will love this puffball-topped tree as much as you’ll love its bold and vibrant design.

Cloud Nine Window Hammock

Does your cat clan love to look out the windows and lay in sun patches? This chic and sturdy window hammock is a must. Opt for the faux-fur blanket for added cozy living room vibes.

Rectangular Modern Cat House

If you’re a fan of a simple and clean aesthetic, this Etsy award-winning cat house could be just for you. With a Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired design and three levels for snoozing, both you and your kitties will be obsessed with this addition to your home.

Cento Cat Tree

Modern but natural, this gorgeous cat tree offers two baskets, several areas for scratching, and a cozy cubby in three stunning fabric finishes—a perfect option for a multi-cat household.

Metropolitan Cat Condo

If your decor leans more on the glam side, this large cat condo is the perfect option for you. Resembling a modish bookshelf, the elegant frame comes in four finishes, and you can also choose between four options of cushions and scratch pads for the metro condo’s five platforms.

The Refined Canine Igloo Deluxe Pet Bed

Made of faux rattan, this stylish cat cave is disguised as a rustic yet elevated side table that will look particularly chic in a bohemian or coastal space.

Here’s another faux-rattan option. This elevated cat bed has a modern shape, can be set up in two orientations, and comes in two neutral tones. Its slimmer width makes it a great option for tighter spaces.

Retro Box With Hammock for Two Cats

Retro is all the rage these days, and if you can’t get enough of the trend, this cat house is a must for your next pet furniture purchase. Doubling as a lounge area for your cat and a side table for your home, this vintage-inspired feline furnishing offers a smartly designed hammock and enclosed bed space for your four-legged friends.

Stellar Cat Bed

Who knew a cat bed could be so glam? This low-rise orb bed gives modern and minimalist space vibes. It almost looks more like a sculpture than a cat bed.

Castle and Slide Cat Tree

Looking for a more interactive option? This cat tower is perfect for energetic cats who love to play all day. With a ladder, scratcher slide, multiple platforms, clear domes, a cushioned perch, and a multi-section scratching post, this neutral-tone cat tree will become your pet’s playhouse without compromising the aesthetic of your space.

Woven Palm Basket Bed

This cozy, coastal-style pet bed will be your cat’s new favorite place to snooze and your new favorite home decor splurge. Artfully crafted from rolled and woven dried palm leaves, the spacious bed features a sturdy frame and a chic plush cushion that’s machine washable.

Infinity Castle Cat Tree

For a cat tree that’s completely customizable to your space, opt for this multi-platform structure that can be assembled in several configurations. Choose a long and narrow assembly for tight areas, or a corner configuration to maximize space in small rooms. If you’re not interested in a cat tree that’s quite so large, the brand also offers two smaller towers as well.

Naomi Home Callie 3-Level Cat Tower, Beige

It can be a challenge to find a cat tree with both a minimal design and fun color options, but this multi-level cat tower manages to check both boxes. Keep it neutral with beige or gray, or opt for rich shades of forest green or terra-cotta.

Wicker Handwoven Rattan Pet House

If you’re a plant and pet parent, this dome-shaped wicker bed will be a gorgeous accent to all the greenery in your home—and you can even get the cushion personalized with your cat’s name embroidered in the fabric.

Frisco Elevated Art Deco Cat Sofa

Is your cat certifiably bougie? They’ll look perfectly posh lounging on their very own couch, which will fit right in with your other furnishings. Some people buy their kids tiny chairs, other people buy them for their pets. It’s a lifestyle, what can we say?

Bird Nest Cat Tree

On the hunt for a wicker-style cat tree? Look no further than this multi-tier tower with several snuggly cat beds that offer both form and function.

Cefalo Dog Bed

If you’re a minimalist at heart, this modern pet bed will make your heart sing. While appealing to your aesthetic sensibilities, your feline friends will enjoy the curved structure of the frame and the cozy faux-fur cushion. Cue the contented purrs.

Vigour Party Cat Tree

With both its unique eucalyptus color and its interesting design, this cat tree is quite different from others on the market—and it promises to hold up against wear and tear thanks to the use of sisal in the scratching posts.

Chastan Cat Condo

You know those cute hanging chairs you’ve always wanted for your outdoor space? Live your fantasy through your cat with this darling orb-shaped bed that’s suspended from a sleek frame.